What wow Classic islands will you come across?

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Currently, there are 11 Island Templates available in the game. Their names are Molten Cay, Dread Chain, Whispering Reef, Skittering Hollow, Rotting Mire, Verdant Wilds, Ungol Ruins, Havenswood, Jorundall, Crestfall, and Snowblossom Village. When you choose to enter Island Expeditions through the map, the menu will inform you of current map rotation. It means that only three of the Islands stated above will be available for players throughout the week. It changes during Wednesday reset. Although the Islands are similar, they work differently every time. You will get new spawn locations for your ship, for nodes, and the enemy team.

Because the amount of enemies on the island is predetermined, the shape and size of the land will have a high impact on their location. If you are going to play on a small island, your enemies will be clumped up into big groups. On the bigger island they might be spread out across a wider area. It makes smaller isles better for farming pets and mounts and quick gains in general.

What enemies are waiting for you

As we mentioned before, the race of the enemies you will encounter will be stated at the beginning of your mission (it's the graphic next to the island sketch on the selection menu). When it comes to their rarity, there are some rules of their occurrence.

Common enemies - Every Island, besides its main inhabitants, will be populated by smaller creatures like spiders, crocklisks, slimes, and other enemies that are not as dangerous. With every island, their population might differ, so it is not guaranteed that you will see spiders or slimes on every island.

Island inhabitants - The main antagonists of your island and your prime enemies. When you see the sketch of a Kobold near the map at the selection menu, it will mean that you are going to meet mostly Kobolds during your journey in that place. Although the race of enemies might differ - their strength stays the same. There are no races easier or harder to kill.

Event creatures - On every island, there is a small chance that you will find a rare beast that does not fit to the theme of the current expedition. These NPCs appear only during special events and invasions occurring on the island. The majority of these enemies are much stronger than any other creature on the island. Understanding their skills and mechanics will be crucial to defeating them as they can even instantly kill using one of their abilities. On higher difficulties, they can be tough to kill, so make sure to cooperate with your team to succeed.

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